Group Lessons

Group classes are perfect to learn general dancing techniques and get you comfortable with the steps of specific dance styles, from Rumba to Tango and everything in between. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to accommodate your dancing ability. Group classes are offered in a progressive way, which is an effective method to learning basic dance steps and rhythms.
If you have always wanted to take dance lessons, signing up for group classes is a great way to start. If you are already enrolled in private lessons, taking group classes can complement your dance training. Group Lessons are a fun and rewarding way for you to progress to higher levels of dance in a social setting.

Benefits of Group Lessons

• Invaluable experience of dancing with other partners
• Social aspect to group lessons in a comfortable setting
• Affordable way to learn ballroom dance

Experience Levels

Beginner : Designed for students with little or no dance experience, this course provides general techniques for all beginners.
Intermediate : Designed for students with a strong basic foundation in dance, this course broadens students’ choreography and techniques required for advanced movement.
Advanced : Designed for students who have two to three years of dance experience, this course refines a student’s choreography, leading and following, and styling movements.

Dance Styles

We specialize in all types of Social Ballroom and Social Latin Dances. We follow curriculum endorsed by experts in the ballroom industry, Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA), keeping your dance lessons easy and fun.

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